All the information you need for a good understanding of PriceMinister - Rakuten

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Manuel registration

1. Click on "Vendre".

2. Click on "Vendre un produit".

3. Put barcode, search product and click.

4. If you can find product on right side then click.
If you can’t find go to part 3.

5. Fill in information and click.

1- Serial number
2- Price *1
3- Item state
4- Quantity
5- Shop information *2
6- Item reference *3

*1 Tax must be included
*2 Only shop description
*3 Efficient to identify your item

6. Choose item category 1-3 and click

7. Fill in items and click on “Étape suivante".

1- Item name
2- Brand name (if you don’t have chosen “generic brand”)
3- Barcode is not mandatory

8. Fill in items and click on “Mettre en vente”.

1- Product status
2- Describe your item
3- Serial number 
4- Price
5- Quantity

9. Click on ”Toutes mes annonces” and pick item image.

10. Click on the empty image by item.

11. Select an image from your PC.

CSV registration

If you registered multiple categories, you need to create a CSV file for each category.
Mainly when you use CSV upload, There are 4 steps as listed below :
  1. Prepare file
  2. Check error
  3. Modify error
  4. Upload

1. Prepare file

1. First of all, you need to download a CSV file template by clicking on the link below :
Download template

Then, choose you category.
2. Once you open your template, there are 3 sheets as shown on the picture below (example : Fashion category)
  • File : This is a file you will upload. Before upload, save only this sheet as new CSV file.
  • Values : When you create a file, you must select from here.
  • Model : There are some rules : When you create a file, do not forget to put “mandatory” attributes listing here.

2. Check error

After you prepared your file, please click here to check is there is no error : File validation

1. Click on "A test file".
Then, upload your CSV file.

2. If there is no error, you can click “analyze” to proceed.

If there is an error, please refer to “modify error”.

3. Select your category and the following options :
- On your mind : YES
- Separator : SEMICOLON
- Encoding : UTF-8
Then, click on Preview.

If there is an error, please refer to “modify error”.

4. If result is 100%, there are two ways to proceed :

- If it is the first time you upload this item category, click on "Demander la configuration de ce fichier" and go on the next step.

- If not, proceed directly to Part 4. Upload to BO.

5. Our technical team will check your file individually.
Please input below and please wait at least 3 working days until we get back to you.*

*You can’t upload another file (for the same category) until this process ends.

3. Modify error

Application success and failed case.

In this case there are three most common errors :
  • Line5 Column5: Type of sports is wrong. It has to be chosen from category template (Valeurs autorisées).
  • Line5 Column8: EAN code is wrong. It must have 13 digits.
  • Line5 Column28: Image URL is wrong. It has to start with http://.(not https)

Major format error (before analysis) :
No space and Returns in cell (especially for Barcode and SKU)

Easy solution : use EXCEL functions

=CLEAN() to remove returns
=TRIM() to remove spaces
Then, paste as values.
Major content errors (after analysis) :

EAN must be 13 digits.
"Le code EAN doit contenir..."

Mandatory item is empty (Price).
"Élément obligatoire est vide"

Some items must be chosen from authorize attributes in the template.
"La valeur 'xxx' n'est pas acceptée."

Image URL must start from “http” not “https”
"Le chemin de l'image doit commencer par http://"

Manufacture name can not contain number

4. Upload to BO

First, you need to log into your account : click here.

On the left menu, click on Envoyer mes fichiers de stock.

Then, click on Soumettre un nouveau fichier.

Click on one of the options below :

1. Update or Add (previous file will be updated).
2. All overwritten (previous file will be 100% replaced*).

* The file needs to include all items in this category.

*If you don’t see 1 or 2, please contact support center : click here

Select and then click on Envoyer to send your file.

1. Choose Produit Neuf (if you can’t select it, contact your E-Commerce Consultant).
2. Upload and click on Envoyer (it takes about 20min until item become visible).

API registration

Our Webservices :
Click here to access to our webservices.
Stock management

With these webservices, you are enable to :
  • To query the PriceMinister catalogue to get information about products and competing ads
  • To import its stock
  • Check the status of this import

New actions

This setting of the webservices allows the merchant to automate or to interface with its information management new sales: listing of new sales, confirmation / rejection of sales, etc. 

Sales acceptance post Actions

All of these webservices allow management articles and the relationship with the buyer after full confirmation of the sale :
  • Recovery of shipping elements of the order
  • Correspondence with the buyer (sending information about the shipment of the order, receiving questions from the buyer, etc.)
  • Correspondence with PriceMinister - Rakuten
  • Processing a claim


These Webservices allow you to retrieve the list using WS and details of financial transactions to your Virtual Wallet. 

Inquiry form

For your information:
We are working with Tongtool for father support. You will be easier to manage stock with other marketplaces.

Manuel updating

1. Click on ”Mes annonces en vitrine".

2. Click on ”Modifier l'annonce”.

3. Modify 1-5 attributes and click on “Enregistrer les modifications”.

CSV updating

1. Click on ”Envoyer mes fichiers de stock".

2. Click on ”Soumettre un nouveau fichier”.

API updating

This enable you to upload file (including CSV file) much faster.

Our Webservices :
Click here to access to our webservices.

1. Create a profile ID on webservices.

2. You will find your profile ID.

3. You can upload as below.

Confirm or refuse



What is a claim and cancellation?

Claim rate and cancellation rate are very important criterias that always be checked before promoting sellers. Higher the claim rate and cancellation rate, less chance to be promoted.

If claim rate increases, sellers will loose their rights to use some marketing tools such as Buybox, automatic r-ads advertisement, access to newsletter tools etc.

Sellers should check their claim rate frequently from their dashboard.

If your claim rate exceed 10% your shop will be suspended.
Average claims rate is around 3%.


Sellers can access to claims from “Tout mes ventes” in the left menu or Claim link in the dashboard below.




To check details of claim, Click on the No article. 


 A message from the buyer and from Client service team will appear in order detail page.



How to handle Claims

Sellers have several options and tools to communicate with Buyers and PriceMinister Client Service team and to solve their claims.

  1. To solve your issue, send an email directly to Buyers using message window. It is available for 2 days. After 2 days PriceMinister Client Service team will take over the case and cut your communication with buyers.
  2. If the seller has not been sent tracking number, Communiquer le numéro de suivi  tool will be available even after 2 days. You can send tracking number only once.
  3. Contact Priceminister to Refund the buyer full and explain the situation through the link Contacter PriceMinister. Client service team will determine if it is Withdrawal or not and Refund the buyer.
  4. Cancel the order directly if you didn’t have the stock, through the link Annuler la vente cet article. Sellers should avoid this because it will increase Cancellation rate and Claim rate same time.
  5. Offer a discount for only Damaged items through the link Proposer un rabais. Seller can offer discount up to 50%.
  6. Contact Priceminister through the link inside the email they sent you. This option will be still available after 2 days passed. You can contact only to Client service team.
  7. New messages from buyers will be visible on the dashboard please check them frequently and answer them fast to avoid claims.

  8. Handling Claims

    Sellers have 2 days to negotiate with buyers who created claims. If seller can not reach an agreement , PriceMinister’s Client service team will take over the case and cut the communication between the buyer and seller. Seller will be able to communicate with Client service team through message and seller can only send tracking numbers to buyers. Not received claims are the most common claim in international sellers. Sellers have to provide tracking numbers and ship the parcels within 2 days. Delivery time must be less than 20 days and it has to be mentioned in the product comment. Sellers can offer a discount for Damaged articles. Sellers must respect Buyers’ request. Answering buyer’s message faster will help you to receive good rating.

    Returns and Refunds

    Avoid directly cancelling orders when you receive claims. It will increase your cancellation rate and the claims rate same time. Try to find a solution without cancelling or refunding. User satisfaction is the most important criteria for your shop. Withdrawals will not be included in the claim rate. When buyers want to withdraw, sellers have to ask Priceminister Client service team to refund the buyer full.

    All Refunds must be done buy PriceMinister’s Client service team. Please ask the team to refund users full. Priceminister cannot refund partially.

    Shipping cost for return must be paid by sellers for the return to outside europe. Sellers should provide Prepaid Return label by email. Sellers can pay shipping fees to buyers’ Paypal account or to their bank account. Prepaid Return label: Seller can pay the shipping fee to a carrier company and provide the paid label to buyers by email to stick on the package and ship without paying anything.

    What type of claims do we have?

    How to reactivate your shop after suspension?

    If a seller has high claim rate, cancellation rate or attempted to sell counterfeiting articles, the shop will be suspended and all payments will be blocked.

    Sellers have to send a Statement to Client service team or to their account manager to improve their Customer Service. Sellers should analyze their claims and find a realistic solutions to avoid further claims. Solutions or improvement s must be done for each claim types. Client service team will check the statement and set a target for claim rate and cancellation rate for the next 2 months. If sellers exceed this target , the account will be closed completely.

    For the counterfeiting, shop has to sign on Legal form of counterfeiting in addition. To check the real improvement, Client Service team will set a target for Claim rate and Cancellation rate for the next 2 months. If seller exceed this target, the account will be closed completely.

    Claim penalty: When sellers has high claim rate and high returns, Client service team will set a penalty of as equal amount as commission.

    Counterfeiting penalty: If PriceMinister detect counterfeiting article, seller will be charged penalty of 100 euro, plus commission amount multiplied by all sold stocks and all available stock.

Activation of E-Wallet

Mon Porte- Monnaie is your online E-Wallet that we transfer your sales amount and you can use it for your payment of your purchases. To make regular transfer of your sales you have to activate it and set a bank account. But you cannot pay monthly subscription and promotion fees from here.




Click on the Mon Porte- Monnaie and set your birthday. Please make sure you set the right information. We will request your personnel ID and letter from your Manager or Director to update the birthday in case you forget.

This Birthday will be used when you request sales transfer and change bank detail for monthly subscription.

Regular payment of sales


Mon Porte-Monnaie


2. Click on the link

Demander un reversement

Irregular payment of sales

Feeding your E-wallet

Changing bank account for Monthly subscription and Promotion fees

Checking transaction details

How to create a campaign ?

This is an instruction of how to create a Selection, Promotion and Sale campaign on PriceMinister. 

Please follow the link to create a campaign: http://www.priceminister.com/salecampaign?action=list
Link to WebService to add listing through API: 

Thank you for watching. 

1. Choose from left side:
Campagnes - Promos - Soldes

2. Click on: Créer une nouvelle campagne produits.

There are 3 types of campaigns :
  • Selection
  • Sales
  • Promotion
First type : Selection
Second type : Sales
Third type : Promotion
(same as Soldes except dates)

Adding items with CSV or Text file

Prepare your CSV file with SKUs (or Advert ID) and Promotion formula

Your CSV or text file must have 2 columns :
1. SKU (child reference) or advert ID
2. Promotion formula : Please insert the following formula with the same syntax in the 2nd column

Ex :
1) [@id:11026@pct:25]
2) [@id:11026@np:30]

Id : ID of the campaign (retrieve from campaign creation page)
pct : discount %
np : new price (discounted price)

In case your product belongs to both promotion campaign and selection of products campaign :
Ex : [@id:11026@np:60][@id:62011]

File examples :
Method 1 : Uploading from your back end
Ask your account manager to create a profile for CSV or a text file.

Method 2: Uploading from WebService

Using Webservice is the easiest and the fastest way :

Why should you use a coupon ?

To increase your CVR (conversion rate)
Coupon encourage users to buy right NOW bcause it is a limited offer. For example: 20 first buyers.
To increase your ABV (Average Basket Value)
Type 1:
Without minimum purchase value (example: 5€ off for all). You can offer a coupon for all articles without any condition to boost your sales.
Type 2:
With minimum purchase value (example: 10€ off from 100€ amount purchase). Target only high value articles setting minimum purchase value.

If you use a coupon with a minimum purchase value, here are some tips :
  • The minimum purchase value should not be too high compared to your average price. It is not effective if you set too high minimum purchase value.

  • Discount rate should be from 15% to 20%.
    Example: 8€ off from 50€ or 15€ off from 100€ work well.
    If your average price is 30€, then minimum purchase can be 40€.
    If you have 2 different categories with high price gap, you can set 2 coupons.
    Example: 10 off for 400€ and 20 off for 800€
To beat the best price
Most of the big merchants use API for pricing, and they beat for best price. But API cannot calculate coupon value.

To increase visibility

Your coupon can be chosen to be displayed on the promotion page.

It is visible on the search result page. Click rate is higher than other items.

Coupons are visible on Google shopping. It will drive more traffic.

How to create a coupon ?

To creape a coupon, you have to submit the following form :

What is RSP ( Rakuten Super Points) ?

How does it work ?

It is similar to cashback. PriceMinister finance 1% of sales amount as RSP that buyers can use it for their purchases in the future on PriceMinister.
For example: If a buyer spend 100€, he/she will gain 1€ of RSP.

Sellers can increase the multiplier for their buyers financing by themselves. For example, If a seller increase their multiplier to 5 times. He will finance 4% of sales as RSP. 1% is financed by PriceMinister. If a buyer spend 100€ he/she will gain 5€ as RSP and seller will finance 4€ and PriceMinister will pay 1€.

RSP amount used during a month will be invoiced on the following month with the monthly subscription.

How does Priceminister’s RSP campaign work ?

On most of the Wednesdays, PriceMinister holds Super Point campaign.
Priceminister accumulates this campaign with sellers’ campaign.

If a seller create 5 times RSP campaign when PriceMinister hold 15 times RSP campaign, buyers will gain 20% of purchases as RSP. And seller will finance 4% and Priceminister will finance 16%.
So it is efficient to create a campaign when Priceminister holds RSP campaign.

Why should you use RSP tool ?

To increase CVR

Higher multiplier will increase CVR. And unlikely a discount RSP has a power to bring users back. Because buyer can spend RSP only on PriceMinister.

To acquire royal clients

PriceMinister has user ranking buy the amount of RSP acquired and number of purchases made. High ranking users are our Royal users and they regularly purchase on PriceMinister. If you can increase this kind of users you can stabilize your business on PriceMinister.

To increase ABV (Average Basket Value)

ABV increase when Priceminister hold Super Point campaign. Because users hunt for higher RSP and they spend more amount to gain more RSP. Sellers should create their RSP campaign with PriceMinister’s campaign.

What kind of RSP campaign do we have ?

Rakuten Super Bons Plans (RSBP)

We promote good merchants who created more than 20 times RSP campaign.
The merchant has to have good customer service.
RSP campaign period must be at least one week from Thursday to Thursday.

PriceMinister RSP campaign

On Wednesdays Priceminister hold campaigns that reward users by up to 15% of purchases as RSP.

You should create your own campaign and send a newsletter to your database.

Banners of the campaign will be available on this page: https://services.priceminister.com/fr/en-ce-moment/operations-marketing

Shopping marathon


One of the biggest campaign which has up to 30% or RSP reward depending on the number of purchase buyers made during the campaign period.

How to create RSP campaign ?

Access to RSP tool from the Marketing tools menu.